On 8/4/2011 our parliament voted the Law 48(I)/2011, a law which amended the Immovable Property Law (Capital 224). The said new amended law was voted in order to solve number of problems that the several authorities
According tο the Immovable Property Law (Transfer and Mortgage), No.9/1965 as amended by Law 139(I)/2015, every buyer of a property which has his contract deposited to the land registry office, but the separate title deed of the said property is not issued, can file an application for the issuance of separate title deed.
In 2015, the Cyprus parliament voted the law for the trapped purchasers. According to this law, every buyer of a Cyprus property who has a contract deposited to the Land Registry Office can file an application for the issuance of separate title deed of the property at hand.
Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades expressed on Tuesday evening the government's satisfaction over the progress achieved so far in the Paralimni marina project, in the sea-side resort of Protaras. He was addressing an event in Nicosia during which the project was presented. The marina is set to have 300 spots for docking, with all the necessary support services.
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